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Welcome to Ranch Sorting Lessons

For Beginner Riders to Accomplished Riders



Learn from the ground level how to compete in Ranch Sorting.  Our lessons are unique in that we teach the basics of horsemanship in addition to how to sort.  Because without one, the other is just not enough.   


We offer weekly practices on cattle in our covered arena in Waller, TX.  Weekly practices are less expensive, and are a way to meet other riders and practice the skills you have learned.  Call us at (281) 785-1709 to learn more...


From the very first lesson, students learn drills to practice at home without cattle.  Ranch sorting students will learn drills that they can practice at home to prepare their horse to sort on cattle in the ranch sorting pen.   We realize that most students don't have access to cattle, We teach drills that help both you and your horse prepare for cattle work.  

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As President and founder of RSOA Joe Sansone and additional producers offer Ranch Sorting competitions around Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, and Colorado. Visit RSOA to lean more...

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