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About Ranch Sorting Lessons

Founded in 2018 and Located in Waller TX, we offer Ranch Sorting Lessons for all types and levels of riders. Our trainer and founder Joe Sansone is known as one of the premier Ranch Sorting coaches, specializing in introducing beginner riders as well as experienced riders to the sports of Ranch Sorting and Team Penning.  

Beginner Riders

If you've never ever ridden a horse - no problem. Joe specializes in teaching beginners, known for his patience and motivation for new riders. And even if it's your first time ever on a horse, you WILL BE SORTING on cattle at  your first lesson!



If you are new to the sport of ranch sorting rest easy; we are here to help. We know what it’s like to arrive at a competition or a lesson a little nervous with a ton of questions; Most of the riders seem to be in a group and already have people to ride with.


Ranch Sorting Lessons offers small casual competitions at the same place we offer lessons to our riders. It's a great way to get started in Ranch Sorting without being intimidated by a large crowd at a huge facility.   

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While it is important for riders to win, we can't lose sight that riders need to enjoy themselves not only at competitions, but at their lessons as well. Joe never forgets that his ultimate goal is to improve his riders. It is not uncommon for his students to place in most of the finals at Ranch Sorting of America (RSOA) Events 

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