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Introduction to Ranch Sorting

If you'd like to learn how to compete in Ranch Sorting, evaluate your horses abilities, and learn the basics so that you can be competitive, this is a great way to get started. 

The Introduction to Ranch Sorting lesson is generally 1.5 hours. The price is $150.

The following is covered in the intro lesson:

  1. Learn the Ranch Sorting Rules

  2. At least one hour sorting cattle

  3. Learn drills to practice at home

  4. Evaluation of your horse(s)

  5. What Sorting pitfalls to avoid

  6. 12 Sorting Secrets to Success

  7. Horsemanship tips for Sorting

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Youth Lessons

We love our youth!  Joe Sansone offers individual and group lessons for youth.  Joe's 2 daughters were his first students years ago, and his love for teaching children shows. His youth lessons are all about making sure that the kids have fun, while still learning about sorting.  

If you have a child that's a little timid or shy no worries, Joe has a way of making the quiet youth come out of their shell and enjoy Ranch Sorting with the same passion as their instructor.  

youth ranch sorting
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Group Lessons

Many of our students are on a budget and can benefit from group lessons. Whether you just want to bring a friend, or join a group of our students, group lessons are always  less expensive and they also offer students the unique perspective of watching and learning as other students are coached.  

Youth Ranch Sorting

In Person

33525 Cameron Rd.

Waller, TX  77484

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