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Meet Joe Sansone

Joe Sansone began competing in Ranch Sorting events almost as soon as he began riding.  During his career, Joe has won 9 State Championships and 7 World Championships since 2012.

What Makes Joe different?

Joe's method of teaching Ranch Sorting is different than any other trainer. His #1 goal in teaching his students is to HELP THEM WIN! He offers instant results with his teaching methods. Read below about Joe's interesting journey into the world of Ranch Sorting.

Joe Sansone cowboy

Joe's Unique Qualifications

Back in 2012, Joe sold a medical business and decided to try something for the first time ever - he hopped on a horse and his daughters taught him how to ride.  

When he discovered Ranch Sorting, Joe quickly realized that literally every other competitor was a better rider than he was. He decided then, that his only hope at winning was to take lessons from anyone who offered them and learn the tricks and shortcuts and how to ride smarter with his limited horsemanship abilities.  

The information Joe learned from detailed studies and hundreds of lessons led Joe to become a Texas State Champion his first year and the subsequent 6 years as well.

Joe remembers what is was like to be a beginner! Take advantage of his unique perspective and let him teach you all of his secrets!

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