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Visit the RoseMary Ranch

Located just a few miles from Buc-ees on HW 290, the RoseMary Ranch is easy to get to. The RoseMary Ranch is designed for one purpose only - Ranch Sorting and Team Penning (is that 2?) 

We offer:

Covered Arena with Fans
Sorting Pen
Team Penning Arena
Rental Horses
Horse Sales
Horse Training
Sorting Pen
RV Hook-ups

Horse Boarding

We offer boarding for your horses, and treat them as if they were our own.  Your horse will ALWAYS have a turnout with other horses and graze all day.  

REST EASY and know that your horse stall or pasture is within 50 feet of where our staff lives.  We are working around your horses throughout the day most days. 

We check on the well being of your horse twice daily when we feed, to ensure your equine partners are well cared for.   


Horse Training

Our staff offers training for all types of horses, whether you have a problem horse, or a horse that you want to learn how to sort, we deliver results!  Just ask for references.  THEY SPEAK FOR THEMSELVES

Ranch sorting

Rental Horses

If you are new to the horse world and nervous about buying a horse, rest easy.  You can rent or lease our horses until you feel that you are prepared to buy a horse.  Many of our riders purchase the very horse they were leasing. 


Our students love having the ability to ride many different Ranch Sorting horses until they find that perfect match.  If we don't have the horse you are looking for, we  can help you select that perfect horse from one of our partner trainers.   

Schedule a Visit

If you are nervous about getting started, come see us, we will hold your hand and walk you through the entire process.   

Thanks for submitting!

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